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This agreement contains important information regarding your inspection.Do not overlook.
 Please read entirely.
Representation Disclosure:
Byron Woods holds a Realtors License. However, this is done for the purpose of accessing property.  Byron Woods is not acting within the capacity of a real estate agent, or active in the buying or selling of any real estate other than personal.  No interest is held in any property inspected. The inspection and report are performed and prepared for the sole, confidential and exclusive use and possession of the client named in the report.  It is customary to provide a copy of this report to the real estate agent representing this client unless notified otherwise.  
Items Inspected:
Byron Woods Home Inspections Inc. agrees to conduct an inspection for the purpose of informing the client of significant deficiencies in the following systems: Structural, Climate Control, Electrical, Plumbing, Roofing, Attached Garages, and Exterior Grading Adjacent to the Building.   Included in the inspection are the following items: Foundations, Water and Insect Damage, Framing, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows, Doors, Decks, Roof Covering, Flashing, Furnace, Air Conditioning, Chimney Openings, Water Heaters, Supply Pipes, Drainage Pipes, Water Pressure Controls, Sinks, Faucets, Toilets, Tubs, Showers, Electrical Service Entrance, Electrical Service Panel, Electrical Wiring Receptacles & Switches, Garage Doors, Mechanical Door Openers, Kitchen, and Bath Ventilation.   
Limitations on Inspected Items:
It is understood and agreed that this inspection will be of readily accessible areas of the building.  This is limited to the observations of the inspector and the apparent conditions existing at the time of the inspection. Concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded from the inspection.  The focus of this inspection is not on cosmetic defects.  Excluded are inspections of swimming pools, hot tubs, wells, sub-surface piping and septic system, water softeners, intercoms, telephone systems, cable & satellite systems, low voltage landscaping lighting, and systems that are not readily accessible.  Chimneys are not internally inspected.  Equipment and systems will not be dismantled.   As part of the basic home inspection, no testing is done to determine the presence of diseases, or potentially hazardous plants, or animals, or the presence of any environmental hazards including, but not limited to, toxins, carcinogens, mold, noise, and contaminates in soil, water, and air.      Extensive testing of appliances is not done.  Typically heating elements are switched on; dishwashers are filled and drained.   Garbage disposals are switched on; Trash Compactors are switched on.  Refrigerators are observed if they are cooling. Ice makers are observed if they are producing ice.   Clothes Washers and Clothes Dryers are not typically operated. The inspector will not be involved in repair of any item.  Prices can vary greatly between contractors.   General ballpark figures might be verbally given, but qualified contractors need to do all work and all pricing be directly from the responsible contractor.  There might be specific limitations which will be noted in the report.  
Limitation on Liability; 
The parties agree that Byron J. Woods assumes no liability or responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing any unreported defect or deficiency, either current or arising in the future, or for any property damage, consequential damage, or bodily injury of any nature.   This inspection will not be a guarantee or a warranty, expressed or implied, of the remaining life of any system or component or the strength, adequacy, effectiveness, or efficiency of any system or component.    Byron Woods Home Inspections Inc. or its representatives are not an insurer of any inspected condition.  If a warranty is desired, the client should consult with a third party that may be able to provide this service. The inspection report is what was observed by the inspector.  Conditions may be subjective to the individual opinions of the inspector.   Considerable effort will be made to thoroughly inspect this property.  However, even with experience, it is possible that items could be inadvertently overlooked.    It is understood and agreed that should Byron Woods Home Inspections Inc, or any of its employees or representatives, be found liable for any loss or damages resulting from a failure to perform any of its obligations, including but not limited to negligence or breach of contract or otherwise the amount of damages shall be no greater than $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars).  This limitation does not imply a warranty or guarantee of any type.  It is further agreed that if any legal actions are brought regarding this inspection, it will be brought in the smalls claims court having jurisdiction where the jobsite is located.   
Satisfaction Assured:
Upon reviewing the inspection report, if the client is not satisfied with the quality or thoroughness of the inspection performed, there is no obligation to accept the report and no payment will be due. If these conditions are not acceptable there is no obligation for the client to accept the inspection or report and no payment will be due.
Additional Service Offered:
As an additional service, testing for Radon Gas and Mold are both available.  Testing for radon is an additional fee of $115.00   Pricing for Mold Testing can vary according to the type of sampling needed.  Please contact Byron Woods directly to discuss your Mold sampling needs.  Mobile 434 401-4250
  • The inspection report is not valid unless the client agrees upon the above conditions.
  • Acceptance of the inspection report represents acceptance of these conditions.
  • If these conditions are not acceptable, do not accept the inspection report.
  • Payment for the inspection is due upon reviewing the inspection report. 
(Typically this is at the completion of the inspection) Inspection Company:    Byron Woods Home Inspections Inc.     Employee performing inspection:    Byron J. Woods Clients Signature: ____________________________Date_______